Is the alternator charging the battery? What are common problems and when to bring your car into the shop.


Are you having
trouble starting your car or has it cut out while driving?

It’s possible your alternator has failed. Our technicians are sceptical to determine whether it’s the alternator at fault or the wiring supplied to the unit. With our extensive knowledge in alternator repairs we are able to determine if you require an alternator replacement/repair or simple connection rectification.

Self Diagnosis – Alternator

Indicator Lights
In most vehicles, there are dashboard warnings lights present to notify when the alternator is not working correctly. Look for a battery shaped warning light, or indicator with writings such as ALT, or GEN.

Malfunctioning Headlights
If you observe dimmed, pulsating, or flickering headlights, then it’s possible the alternator is not regulating within specifications.

More Electrical Problems
A failing alternator can cause power seats and power windows to stop working or work at a slower speed. Your car’s internal lighting and radio may also stop functioning.

You may smell a burning rubber smell if the belt isn’t tight enough on the alternator. Further, if you find once the belt is tightened and the alternator is still slipping it could possibly be the rectifier is at fault. A rectifier is built into the alternator to convert alternating current into direct current through a series of diodes.

Dead Battery
If the vehicle/battery has arrived to us in a discharged state we are quick to determine whether its a charging problem or a “leak off” fault where its possible something such as a globe has not shutdown while the vehicle is stationary for a period.

Common Problems

Chance’s are we have rectified it before whether it’s a KUN26R Toyota Hilux with a rectifier problem or a ZD30 Nissan Patrol with broken wiring to the alternator plug. We have seen most of it. Rest assured there’s no guessing here with trying replacement parts. Your vehicle will be diagnosed to the best of our ability and repaired based on professional advice.

Getting it set up?

If your ready to hit the road with your caravan/camper in a tour of our country, rest assured we will work with your requirements and provide you with the latest products available to ensure you have adequate charging capabilities to get you to the other side.