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How batteries provide a massive amount of power?

It is worth mentioning that your vehicle’s battery is not only providing power to the starter motor but also its lights and auxiliary functions. How does it manage to provide this huge amount of cranking power?

The battery that comes with your vehicle is mostly of 12-V. That is a standard value. There are six 2.1 V cells in this battery. Once fully charged, it will have a voltage reading generally of 12.6-12.8 V.

Its performance degrades greatly by even a small drop in its voltage. For instance, if it has a voltage of 12.0 V, its performance will be only 25% of its full capability.

Dual Charging

Dual charging systems are very important in 4wd’s and caravans. We use products like REDARC and Projecta which in my opinion are leading in the market for battery products.

What is a Dual Battery System?

A Dual Battery System will run the starter battery and the auxiliary battery separately. It will make sure that the vehicle’s starting battery is always charged enough to kick start the engine every time.

Smart battery isolator or smart solenoid are simplest designs with which to charge the auxiliary battery. They will also make sure that the starter battery is not completely discharged. There is also a DC to DC charger available in the market that is suitable for high-power consumption users.

Dual Charging System

Are you planning on going for a trip in 4WD ? Camping? Concerned about your accessories draining your battery leaving you stranded?

Whatever is the case, you want to be taking enough electronics to keep you covered. Speakers, fridges, winches, laptops are some of the things that you might take along. However, they all need tons of battery power, and one battery may not be enough. It is less likely that you will be able to kick start the car engine and power your gadgets using one battery.


Fit the wrong battery type for your car, and it can have an adverse effect on performance. Poor battery selection negatively affects the EFI system and other sensitive electronics. Speak to us to so we can make the correct recommendation.

The cranking power required to start your car’s starter motor and thus the engine depends upon parameters like temperature, engine size, or engine type. The batteries have a rating in cold cranking amps (CCA). This cranking tells how many amps can be provided by a 12 V battery for 30 secs at 0°F whilst retaining 7.2 V at the minimum. So, if your battery has 500 CCA, it will provide 500 amps for 30 secs at 0°F, and its voltage will not go below 7.2 V.

Getting it set up?

Fortunately, there is another way to improve the electrical setup of your car.

You might be thinking about simply connecting a second battery to run these accessories. Yes, that is correct, but not as easy as it sounds. The process can be difficult as there might be

1) No space under the vehicle’s bonnet and the

2) The heat of the engine could cause problems.

3) Even if you find a suitable space for its installation, you cannot handle it without a proper battery management system.

Your start battery will be drained without it. So, in this case, all you need is a Dual Battery System.

Charging Options

Now, let’s get to which charging option should you opt for these dual battery systems? The “Basic Isolators” charger works almost like a manual switch except for the fact that ignition controls it. They operate automatically, and they are also extremely cheap. However, their major disadvantage is that you might not have enough power to start the engine as the auxiliary battery can immediately connect once you try to start the car.

You can try increasing your budget and invest “Smart Isolators” instead. They also work like basic isolators, but at different voltage levels, they will cut in and out. This will make sure that first, the starter battery is full, and then the auxiliary battery is charging efficiently. Therefore, the vehicle can always be on the run.

The last option we would like to discuss is DC to DC chargers. They are just like the battery chargers that we utilize in our homes. They will need to be connected to the vehicles’ wires. It works by developing two individual electrical systems, so you can run your fridge all night without draining the starting battery.

So, this was a quick introduction to the Dual Battery System and its importance. The charging system which you should use would depend upon your vehicle, usage, battery type, and alternator type. We would recommend you go for REDARC and Projecta dual battery chargers. They are currently the titans of the battery industry, that is why we use them.