LED Lighting

We replace lights of all types and perform headlight alignments.


Custom Lighting

Need to light up you car / truck / trailer or boat like a chirstmas tree? You have come to the right workshop.

We are one of very few places in Southern Tasmania that can correctly adjust angle of light and luminosity.

Best of all – our service is the best too and our prices affordable. Let our expert technicians tackle your lighting needs.


LED Lighting

It is worth mentioning that other lights such as turn signal, reverse, parking, brake, and internal lights can also be upgraded to LED lights. But why use LED lighting? You may want to for the following reasons:

Longer Life: The beauty of LED bulbs is that they will last as long as your vehicle.

High Intensity: They will shine massively brighter.

Low Power Consumption: They produce less heat and consume less power saving your battery.

Attractive: They are alluring and bound to get attention.

Before you install

Powerful yet misaligned lighting is a serious issue. You may want to consider that your low beams are blinding oncoming drivers –and the risk this poses to yourself and others.

We would recommend you not to blindly order them online. You need to first understand your requirements and get expert advice.

Some cars have electrical connections with opposite polarities, so it is a good option to get polarity free LED bulbs. Check the lookup tool of the bulb and select whether you need an amber or red LED.

Don’t worry, they will not be actually of that color, the distinction is only due to the quality of light they produce.

Expert Installation

Auto electricians will replace your old bulbs with new LED incandescent. We would recommend you not to install it yourself even if it sounds easy.

For one instance, installing incorrectly may lead to “hyper flash” phenomenon. It means that the bulb will be considered blown if your vehicle’s hazard lights or turn signal is flashing abnormally.

However, the LED bulb will not be dying but as it consumes very little power; only your car will think it is. The auto electrician can provide a solution to this problem by using an LED resistor kit.