At channel auto electrical we cover all of your marine electronic needs. Our technicians have had extensive experience in the marine field, include chandlery services.


Experts in all marine electronics

Channel auto electrics recommends using Ray Marine for your electrical systems and accessories, however we can work with any system you may have purchased.

Battery Systems

By far the most requested work of ours is the battery system. On boats the battery system is extremely important. The following reasons are why you may employ our technicians


You require redundancy for the bilge pumps.

The corrosive nature of sea water requires professional installation of batteries systems and regular maintenance.

You cannot be stranded in the middle of the sea when attempting to start the engine, so you require a check before heading out.

Charging of the batteries through the alternator, which is vulnerable to corrosion, and the solar system which the performance can be measured.
Installation of DC to DC chargers and Isolators.

Re-wiring of the electrical systems in the case the boat’s electriconics are malfuncitioning or for peace of mind.


Specific accesories and systems which require an auto electrician to install

• Switch panels and full systems
• GPS custom navigation &
• Autopilots
• Depths sounders.
• Thermal/security cameras
• Anti-bird devices.
• Ray marine full systems.
• VHF radio
• Sound systems.
• Diesel Heaters.