At Channel Auto Electrics we have the ability to cover all of your marine electronic needs. Our technicians have had extensive experience in the marine field. Working with brands such as Raymarine, BEP, MasterVolt, Vetus and many others.


Experts in all marine electronics

We understand many of the technicalities used by marine branding can be quite confusing, but we are here to assist and will tirelessly research to optimise performance of your investment.

Battery Systems

By far the most requested work of ours. We empathise with you the importance of maintaining battery life while sailing, fishing or recreation. We will work with your boat and systems aboard to achieve optimal performance and give the best advice based on our experience.

You require redundancy for the bilge pumps.

One of the most important things we focus on and obviously the first, Should your boat be sitting in the marina or out on a mooring . Any water sitting in the base of your boat needs immediate removal. Our technicians understand the urgency and will give you the best advice to rectify any requirements.


Specific accessories and systems which require our professional installation

• Switch panel installation, rewiring and circuit protection

• GPS navigation and Auto Piloting

• Depths sounders

• Thermal/security cameras

• Winching